​​​​​A practice founded on the belief that all people have a chronological age and a biological age.

While time is a constant and tends to move on, we can slow time inside our bodies as well as on the outside by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Age-Less Medicine was founded in 2006 by Dr. Linda McClintock.

We offer services in Age Management and Bio-identical hormone management, medically supervised weight management, nutrition counseling and the most advanced modalities of skin care and rejuvenation. Dr. McClintock is not only the medical director, but a hands-on practitioner supervising all aspects of our delivery of care. All of our services have been carefully designed by the physician and we use only state-of-the art equipment and materials with the highest of safety ratings. Above all else, we hold our values and ethics as our top priority in practicing our scientific-art. Our patients receive top-notch concierge service in a spa-like atmosphere that is comparable to no one else in the Bay Area.  Our team of skilled health professionals are all passionate about their work. Each member of our staff was carefully selected by Dr. McClintock and are held to the highest of professional standards. All of our services and programs have excellent outcomes. Our client satisfaction is very highly rated and is easy to see. Check out our testimonial page and our before and after pictures to see our outstanding outcomes. In order to provide the highest level of care, we do not accept insurance. Some medical spending accounts may be accepted. All other forms of payment will be accepted including most major credit cards. We look forward to helping as many individuals as we can achieve their health and aesthetic goals. Contact us today and start living well so you too can be Age-Less. 

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About Age-Less Medicine